Sunday, May 1, 2011

On the Prairie

Inside the walls of this home, were the sweet little voices of children laughing and playing.

The mix of aroma's- wood burning stove, fresh bread and wildflowers, filled the the summer breeze made it's way through the rooms.

In the parlor was two wooden rocking chairs with a small table in between.

A trunk which lie in the corner held family heirlooms that traveled across the seas to the prairie.

Above the fireplace hung a plague which read...
"Look to the Lord and His strength; Seek His face always"

Years have passed now...
Silence fills the place that once rang with sweet children's joy and laughter.

No longer is the comforting aroma's filling the rooms- but a breath of silent prairie winds.

The two rocking chairs that once rocked faithfully each evening, are covered in dust and broken down. The corner is not empty- The trunk still lies there open, still filled with treasured heirlooms. Above the fireplace- The plaque although crooked and covered in spiders webs, still hangs there.

This abandoned home that stands on the prairie, leaves us with a mystery whether the memories still live on today.

~Sarah Benson~

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